Thursday, April 17, 2008

Slow going

This video reminds me about an important part of being a parent. You need patience - and LOTS of it. Imagine being a driver waiting for this guy to cross the road. I can imagine myself sitting thinking, "Come on! Can't you go faster?!? It's just a small road!" So maybe I rev my engine a little bit, hoping that will speed him up.

Now imagine that sloth is your child. "Yeah, I can see that" you might be thinking. Stay with me here. How many times do we try to teach them something only to have to repeat ourselves 5 minutes later? Or we think, "Boy, that was silly! You should know better than that!" (a phrase I'm trying hard to cut out of my vocabulary) We want them to hurry up and learn everything so we don't have to teach them over and over and over. But they are learning, albeit verrrrrryyyy slowly. Our job is to be patient with them.

And not to beep our horns and run them over in the road.

So the next time you're driving through the jungle and come across a sloth crossing the road, remember - parenting takes patience, just like it's going to take a lot of patience while you wait for fuzzy to cross the road.

So why DID the sloth cross the road? Who knows, by the time he got there, everyone forgot the reason.

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