Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Since we moved back in January, my daily commute went from about a 20 minute, 6 mile drive (round trip) to a 60 minute, 34 mile drive (round trip). Needless to say, that has upped our budget for gas since I am having to fill up pretty much every week.

Recently, I met another guy that works in the same company as I do that lives just down the road from me. We figured since we both have relatively the same schedule and have to drive the same route every morning, why not carpool? We would meet up in a church parking lot just down the road from the both of us and then ride in together.

This is now the second week we've been carpooling and so far it has been working out pretty good. We carpool only 2-3 times a week and trade off taking turns driving. I figure that for every day I ride with him, I save about $5.25 in gas or $15.75 for a 3-day carpooling week. Not sure how much he saves when he rides with me, but it's probably not quite as much since his car more than likely gets better gas mileage than my truck. While I'm glad that carpooling helps the environment (even if it is miniscule), I must confess that saving $5.25 a day is a much greater incentive for me.

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