Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter Overboard

So I’m on my way to work this morning, driving along, happily listening to my audiobook (Tony Horwitz is a pretty good writer, just finished Voyage Long and Strange and am now listening to Confederates in the Attic. Good stuff.) I glanced up at the digital billboard near Lowes/Home Depot and had to do a double take. The ad was simply a blue background, the Twitter logo, and the words “Follow Ashton Kutcher” and gave his twitter address. That’s it.

I remember thinking, “That is incredibly odd. Is this guy really that in need of attention that he pays for advertising to drive people to his twittering or tweeting or whatever it’s called?” But as with most things, there was a bigger story here. Once again, Google came to the rescue.

Apparently, Kutcher and CNN were in some kind of race to see who would be the first to reach 1 million twits – I mean followers. This more than likely explains the billboard. CNN lost by about 1,200. Now we’ll get to hear from all the talking heads and pundits about how one person gained a greater following than the giant news media that is CNN.

For all those poor saps who started following Kutcher’s or CNN’s blatherings and are now discovering that you can’t “unfollow” them, there is good news. CNET tells how to unfollow either one of them (or both!). You can thank me by following my tweets. ;)

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Thank you Easter Bunny bawk bawk!