Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Grand Day Out

On Thursday, I decided to take Carlos and Jeremiah out on a date. Or maybe it’s more manly to say we had a guys’ day out. At any rate, we went out for the afternoon for a little bit of fun and managed to throw in a little education as well. Jeremiah was especially excited since this was his first official “date” with Papi.

Since it was a such beautiful day, we went to ride in a paddle boat at nearby Timbuk II in Corolla. It was rather fun just floating around the little lagoon, looking at the many turtles poking their heads out of the water. Those turtles were everywhere!

Then it was off to the Currituck Lighthouse. According to the web site, the Currituck Lighthouse is 162 feet tall, has approximately one million bricks, 214 steps to the top (no we didn’t count them!), and was the last major brick lighthouse built on the Outer Banks, finished in 1875. I was a little worried how the boys would do, especially Jeremiah. But surprisingly both boys did great and didn’t need me to carry either one of them one step. Carlos was a little worried about the wind at the top, but both seemed to enjoy the view, especially being able to see the beach so far down.

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves with some tasty ice cream. It was a very enjoyable day out. Enjoy the pictures!

Here are Carlos & Jeremiah about to head out!

First stop - paddle boats!

Here are we are at the lighthouse. Better get our muscles stretched and ready for the climb!

And just to prove we made it to the top......

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