Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That's odd

Inspired by a friend, here are some oddities about myself.

1. Most music played on Christian radio stations annoys me
2. When I drive, I like to have my radio on “scan,” stopping only on a station that really interests me.
3. #2 annoys Sarah greatly (which is why I only do it when I’m driving alone)
4. I was once offered a job at a radio station - the guy said I had a good radio voice (?!) At least he didn’t say I had a face for radio.
5. When I was a boy, my dream was to be the first man on Mars.
6. I hate math
7. Yes, I’m a numbers analyst.
8. The smell of jet fuel makes me nostalgic.
9. My favorite boyhood superhero was Spiderman because he could climb and swing all over the place.
10. I have a fear of dismembered body parts (heads, arms, that sort of thing)
11. I'm a computer game junkie, mostly first-person shooter types.
12. The toilet roll goes over the top (learned during my time in the housekeeping department at college).
13. I’ve never been hunting and have no desire to do so.
14. I’m allergic to tomatoes
15. Most often, I get the hiccups when I eat bread.

More later (maybe).


PunkyDunks said...

Never stopped to think about it before, but you do have a good radio voice!

Mark Kelly said...

Enjoyed the list! I too 'scan' the band as I drive alone... I try to leave the radio off when traveling with the wife or fam. How does eating bread make you hiccup?

Kass said...

lol. The toilet roll thing... that was a point of contention between me and Jason when we first got married. I never thought it mattered.

Funny lists though. :)