Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've been tagged

I just discovered that I’ve been tagged by Madison( in some sort of weird game/ritual/thing. So here goes.

The rule for this tagging thing is that whenever a person is tagged (henceforth named the Taggee), said Taggee must write a blog listing six (6) weird things about himself (or herself). Additionally, Taggee must also include these rules (not necessarily using these words) in the weird blog. At the end, Taggee must then choose six(6) people to tag, upon which time Taggee becomes Tagger and the whole mess starts over again. Got that? Okay, so here goes with my six (6) things.

1. I don’t know why that, whenever numbers are written, the actual number is then placed in parenthesis. Like six (6). If you can’t read the word “six” (6), you obviously cannot read the rest of the blog. But perhaps there is some consolation in knowing that,whatever all those funny looking shapes are, hey, they mentioned the number six (6)!

2. As mentioned in my previous blog, I have a very eclectic taste in music. I like country, some opera, some “adult contemporary,”some Christian. Although, I must say that I’m getting quite tired of Spirit FM. They play the same stuff over and over and hardly any of it is good – musically or otherwise. Maybe the station should be called Fluff FM. Anyway.

3. I was born in Tennessee (weird, huh?), spent a little time traveling around the southeast United States (well, I mainly rode – couldn’t really drive at the time), spent some time in England, Scotland, andGermany (only a couple of months in Germany), went to college in Florida, lived for little awhile in Texas and Wyoming, and now reside in the great state of Virginia.

4. During the early stages of my illustrious career as a human, I was able to put both feet behind my neck. And then I would just bum around. I haven’t been able to do that for awhile, although I do on occasion manage to stick my foot in my mouth. (And just where did THAT phrase come from anyway?!?)

5. It took the same amount of time to get my Master’s degree as it did to get my Bachelor’s.

6. Trains fascinate me. Not sure if I can really explain why, they just do. Something about these huge machines running along two steel lines that are exactly 4 ft, 8.5 inches apart, pulling all kinds of stuff is just intriguing.

Okay, that’s six (6). Now for those poor souls who shall be tagged. And remember, if you are tagged and don’t answer the tag, you shall forever be under the guise of Taggee. And nobody wants that. The last chap who did that – well, let’s not go there. Not pretty to say the least. To the following bloggers, I, the newly esteemed Tagger, now confer upon you the title“Taggee.” Go henceforth, blog and tag.

Mark, Jr.

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